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UAE shadow-bans visa for select Pakistanis


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People from a few Pakistani cities go to the UAE on a visit visa, but they start begging after landing there. Being a super-rich nation, UAE offers lucrative begging opportunities for these Pakistanis.

New Delhi, Dec 27: Although Pakistani televisions and their panellists often shout from their studios that Pakistan is part of ‘Umma’ but it seems they are not welcome in some parts of their own Muslim world. Reports are doing rounds in travel industry groups that Pakistanis from some 24 cities would face difficulties getting a UAE visa now. The residents of these cities have been ‘shadow banned’ from obtaining a visa.

It is not clear how and when this policy was initiated or even whether it is official or not. However, according to the sources from Pakistan, including the overseas employment promoters, the policy is being implemented despite no formal notification issued by the UAE on the matter. This, according to them, is a kind of an unannounced embargo placed on Pakistanis from certain cities.

UAE shadow-bans visa for select Pakistanis

Pakistanis have a history of getting banned

This is not for the first time that Pakistanis have been banned from their entry to the UAE. Earlier in 2020, the Gulf country imposed restrictions on the entry of Pakistanis. It had then temporarily stopped issuing new visas to citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan and several mostly Muslim majority countries.

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The reason then was cited that the UAE was doing it for security concerns; however, analysts were of the view that this was merely a hogwash, the real reason was that the nationals of these countries have been creating trouble in the peaceful nation of UAE. Nonetheless, UAE has been a liberal host and does not want the fundamentalists to stir trouble.

Cities in target

The initial reports have claimed that visas for people from Abbottabad, Deri Ghazi Khan, Quetta, Khushab, Muzaffargarh, Sargodha, Attock, Kasur, etc. are amongst other cities being restricted. Some other cities like Skardu, Chakwal, Hunza, Kotli, etc. too would now face difficulties acquiring UAE visas.

Although the real reason is yet to come to the fore, it appears the major reason is that people from these cities misrepresent the purpose of their visit. Most of the people from these cities come on work visas but once they arrive in the UAE, they start begging. Being a rich nation with oil surpluses, the UAE offers lucrative begging opportunities for Pakistanis.

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Not just that Pakistanis from these cities have been exploiting the visa mandate by begging in the UAE but they also create law and order issues. The UAE police have been cracking down on Pakistani beggars, including women. These people have been notorious for all odd reasons, but begging in the name of Allah is the most hilarious one.

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