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Teens forced to impregnate Islamic State women in Syria to increase population

The Islamic State was formed in 2000 following the fall of Saddam Hussein. While pledged its allegiance to the Al-Qaeda it broke away and declared itself as a Caliphate in 2014


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Teenage boys at Camp al-Hawl in northeast Syria were forced to have sex with dozens of women held by the Islamic State in detention camps.

The women according to reports forced the young boys to impregnate them so as to enhance the Islamic population.

Teens forced to impregnate Islamic State women in Syria to increase population

The incident came to light when two boys, Ahmet and Hamid aged 13 and 14 respectively approached the guards at the camp and told them about the incident. “We are being forced to have sex with the Islamic State women, to impregnate them. Can you please help us get out of here,” the boys told the guards.

Following the defeat of the Islamic State in 2019, the Syrian government detained around 8,000 women and children who were associated with the terror group. The adult males were however housed in a separate camp.

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While some women want to have nothing to do with the Islamic State, others remain committed to the cause of misinterpreting Islam. Some of these women have objected to their children returning voluntarily, which is permitted by their countries of origin.

Ahmet and Hamid told the personnel of the recently established Orkesh rehabilitation facility that they had been victims of sexual exploitation by several women of the Islamic State. The centre workers said that one of the boys was forced to have intercourse with eight women in a span of a few days.

Reports said that the women wanted to get pregnant in order to boost the strength of the Islamic State. Some of the boys were found and saved after the officials entered the camp and found them buried by the women in underground tunnels.

The Daily Beast report said that the victims were given viagra like drugs to boost their energy levels. One of the boys is said to have collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital. The authorities said that there were numerous pregnancies in the camp. However the precise number is not known as yet.

Some of the women gave birth without the assistance of the camp’s authorised medical staff. They took the help of other inmates who work as physicians and nurses.

The security personnel have also confirmed similar instances at the Camp al-Roj located in the northeastern region of Syria. Several mothers at this camp pleaded with the camp officials to send their kids to treatment facilities so that they could keep them away from these women.

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About the Islamic State:

The Islamic State is a terrorist group which emerged in 2000 following the fall of Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein. After pledging allegiance with the Al-Qaeda at first, it broke away from it and declared itself a Caliphate in 2014.

The group has been a military target of the United States, Russia, Iran and Turkey. The group over the past couple of years has suffered significant losses. However it continues to have a presence in some parts.It is notorious for its online propaganda too.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 1, 2023, 11:05 [IST]

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