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Neil Wagner ball to James Anderson should have been a wide, says Tom Blundell

New Zealand wicketkeeper Tom Blundell has admitted the umpires made a crucial mistake as the second Test against England reached its thrilling conclusion.

The Black Caps became just the second side in history to win a Test by one run, after England’s James Anderson was caught by Blundell down the leg side off Neil Wagner.

But the ball before Anderson was dismissed is under the microscope, with the umpires seemingly missing a wide call that would have levelled the scores.

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Wagner bowled a bouncer to Anderson that was not only down the leg-side, but well over the batter’s head, but umpires Rod Tucker and Chris Gaffaney ruled it to be a legal delivery.

Law 22.1.2 says: “the ball will be considered as passing wide of the striker unless it is sufficiently within reach for him/her to be able to hit it with the bat by means of a normal cricket stroke.”

Anderson was visibly disappointed with the call and made it clear at the time he thought it should have been called wide.

Speaking on Newstalk ZB, Blundell conceded the Black Caps enjoyed a stroke of good fortune.

“It was probably definitely a wide, going on the replay,” he said.

“So a little bit lucky there.”

Former England skipper David Gower said the state of the game likely played a part in the decision not to call the wide.

“I’ve got a nasty feeling that, any other time of the game, that might have been called a wide,” Gower said on BT Sport.

“If it was two overs earlier, it might have been called a wide. But one run to tie, two to win, it’s a desperate call to have to make.

“I know there will be no recriminations I am sure within the England camp, because they are better than that. They are bigger than that.

“They will be talking, there will be thoughts about it for sure. Everyone … and people have seen it on TV, here at the ground. Certainly, on TV you had the best view of it, they will also be asking the question.”

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