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Muslim gym trainer kills live-in partner


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In another typical ‘Love Jihad’ case, Riyaz Khan traps Urvi Vaishnav from Rajasthan who worked in a Mumbai hotel and used to go to his gym for physical fitness. They had been living together for a couple of months.

New Delhi, Dec 22: These days, not a day is passing when a ‘Love Jihad’ case is not reported wherein brutal murder of Hindu women in the hands of Muslim men are taking place. The nation has not yet recovered from the gory details of the brutal murder of a 22-year-old tribal woman from Jharkhand belonging to the Paharia tribe by her Muslim husband, now another such case has come to light.

In this case, a Rajasthani woman was found dead in Mumbai. However, the family of the victim Urvi Vaishnav do not believe it to be a simple death and accused her live-in partner Riyaz Khan of murder. A resident of Bundi in Rajasthan, Urvi worked in a hotel as a waitress. She met Riyaz just a couple of months ago and had started living with him in a live-in relationship.

Muslim gym trainer kills live-in partner

Went missing for days

Urvi was missing for several days. After a report was filed, police searched for her without much success. Nonetheless, after 4 days her body was found lying near a canal. Interestingly, it was Riyaz who had dropped her at the hotel on December 13th, after which she went missing.

Hindu man physically tortured, forcefully converted to Islam for marrying Muslim womanHindu man physically tortured, forcefully converted to Islam for marrying Muslim woman

Riyaz, according to Purvi’s family members, is a gym trainer where she used to go for physical exercise and that is where he trapped her. Riyaz and Urvi had started living together after some time just a couple of months ago.

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A textbook copy of Love Jihad case

There are thousands of such well-planned love jihad cases where Muslim youths working in gyms trap non-Muslim girls and women. This template has been a tested and tried formula for the Jihadis. However, a section of our intelligentsia never sees a trend or pattern in it. For them, it is all false and a propaganda even when they see hundreds of such cases. For them, there is no pattern in the way Urvis and Shraddhas are being murdered.

Even in Urvi’s case, accused Riyaz Khan is not just married but he has three wives. Moreover, he was not alone in the murder, he was proactively helped by none other than his Muslim friend Imran Shaikh. In fact, Shaikh has admitted that he helped Riyaz murder Urvi and dump her body. There does not seem to be any justice to the victims and the families that have been at the wrong side of ‘love jihad’.

Bihar: In clear case of Love Jihad, Muslim man poses as Samir Khanna to marry Hindu girlBihar: In clear case of Love Jihad, Muslim man poses as Samir Khanna to marry Hindu girl

Even a simple Google search would help readers find out the definition of ‘Love Jihad’ as it is still being painted as a conspiracy from right-wing Hindus when the fact is that it was the Kerala High Court which talked about the ‘pattern’ and a definite ‘plan’ behind such activities.

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