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Killing of Umesh Kolhe puts focus on Islamic Darul Khada which supercedes Indian police, judiciary


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The probe into the murder of Umesh Kolhe by radical Islamists has learnt that the killers were inspired by the ideology “Gustakh -E- Nabi Ki Aik Saza, Sar Tan Se Juda.”

New Delhi, Dec 20: In its latest finding in the murder of Umesh Kolhe at Amaravati Maharashtra, the National Investigation has learnt that the Muslim killers were part of the Tablighi Jamaat.

On the night of June 21, Kolhe was returning home from his medical store on his scooter when he was accosted by three Muslim men on a bike and hacked to death. The Maharashtra police at that time which was under the Maha Vikas Aghadi government had initially said that the killing was for gains. However it was found that the money that Kolhe was carrying was intact. It reminded everyone of the killing of Hindu tailor, Kanaihya Lal at Udaipur, Rajasthan by two radical Islamists.

Umesh Kolhe

In the Umesh Kolhe case it was found that the killers were intrigued by a so-called social activist, Irfan Khan and Maulavi Mushfique Ahmed. This also brings us to question about how much more needs to be done about the Islamic courts which are in abundance and orders hit on Hindus and pro-Hindus.

Sar Tan Se Juda:

The Sar Tan Se Juda or severe the head from the body has become a favourite slogan among the radical Islamists. The NIA said that the terrorists in the Kolhe killing were influenced by the brutal ideology of “Gustakh -E- Nabi Ki Aik Saza, Sar Tan Se Juda.”

Islamic State terrorists in Pakistan pledge support to new Caliph, are radicals in India next?Islamic State terrorists in Pakistan pledge support to new Caliph, are radicals in India next?

This was the similar ideology that was followed by the killers of Lal in Udaipur. It is also the same ideology that the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda follows. Their concept of slitting the throat of their victim has been popularised through their videos. The killing of Daniel Pearl and the numerous videos that the Islamic State puts up showing beheadings is proof of the fact that these radicals in India have picked it up from them.

In the Kolhe case the NIA learnt that it was one veterinary doctor, Yunus Khan who had taken a screenshot of Kolhe’s message on Nupur Sharma and posted it on a group called ‘Kalim Ibrahim’ which had been created by Irfan Khan.

The All India Muslim Jamaat had issued a decree on October 8 this year in which it had advised against the use of the slogan ‘Sar Tan Se Juda.’ However on October 9 at a procession in the Pipad town, district Jodhpur, Rajasthan the Islamists raised the same slogan. Despite the decree issued by the All India Muslim Jamaat, the Islamists raised slogans such as ‘Gustakh-e-Nabi ki ek hi saza, sar tan se juda, sar tan se juda’ as the procession passed through the Hindu dominated Mayapur Subhash Colony.

The birth of Islamic Courts:

The radical Islamists have been told by their masters not to follow the rule of law in India. They are expected to go before the Islamic Courts and follow the orders passed by it.

Both the Kolhe and Lal murders brings back the debate about these Islamic Courts. When the NIA arrested C A Rauf in connection with the Popular Front of India case, it learnt that these Islamic Courts had become a menace and the orders passed by it resulted in the killing of several Hindus. It was based on the orders of the Islamic Court that the Dawah teams were formed and its primary work was to target Hindus and also convert them to Islam.

As radical as it gets: Islamists in Coimbatore, TN have merged to target Hindus, temples As radical as it gets: Islamists in Coimbatore, TN have merged to target Hindus, temples

An official while speaking about such courts tells OneIndia the Muslims have been advised not to go to the regular courts. The Islamic Court called the Darul Khada comprises Muslim scholars, social workers and advocates. The NIA found that these persons run a parallel judiciary which settled plenty issues. In 2009 the Darul Khada had passed a ruling telling Muslims not to approach the judiciary or the police.

Even during the attack on Professor T D Joseph the probe found that the Islamic Court functioning in Kerala had given orders to chop off the professor’s right hand.

The official cited above also added that the Darul Khadas have also been interfering in family disputes involving Muslims.

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