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Indian biologist tops EU list


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Indian immunologist Dr. Mahima Swamy of Bengaluru is one of the top talents in biological research into the gastrointestinal immune system and its working.

New Delhi, Dec 30: Ever since the days of Maharishi Sushruta and Patanjali, the study of immunology has been a part of Indian medical research. The study of diseases and immunology has been an indispensable part of medicinal research and it has opened the path for the newest kind of medical research.

Following the path is Dr. Mahima Swamy of Bengaluru, who is termed as one of the most revered biologists in the field of life sciences in the University of Dundee, UK. She heads the group that investigates the immune system of the intestine. The Indian immunologist, who has been a part of European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), has been one of the top talents in biological investigation leading to the gastrointestinal immune system and its working.

Dr. Mahima Swamy

Dr. Swamy joins 23 other researchers to become a part of 135 current and 390 former members of the EMBO programme. She says she is really excited to be part of the research team and meet all the dynamic scientists doing cutting-edge research all across the European Union. She believes that being a part of this esteem research group will help her immensely. She added that she is grateful to her mentor and her laboratory for being supportive to her to bag up the award. The key part of her research includes the inflammatory bowel diseases and how it can be prompted by the body’s immune system.

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Her research aims to better harness the gut immune system to protect against the viral invasion. Being in sync with the mentioned topic, she also focuses on preventing the damaging of the intestine as well. Prof Daris Aless, Director of MRC-PPU, said her work is contributing to improving understanding of the treatment and diagnosis of inflammatory bowel diseases and colon cancer.

The EMBO young investigator programme supports the scientific endeavours of the researcher who become the lab leaders in 4 years. Generally, a young investigator receives around 15,000 Euros in second year and can apply for the 10,000 Euros per year.

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