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First Time after World War 2, Japan Ups Defence Budget to Record Levels


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The country has prepared its biggest military build-up since WW2. It has brought in a $320-billion plan to buy missiles to defend itself against the obvious threats from China and North Korea.

New Delhi, Dec 22: Earlier this month, in a statement issued by the Japanese Defence Ministry, country’s Vice Defence Minister Toshiro Ino claimed that its neighbour North Korea fired two ballistic missiles. The South Korean military too came out with a similar report wherein it confirmed the Japanese version.

From the early reports it has come to the fore that the two missiles have been launched towards the sea off the Korean Peninsula’s east coast. Not just that the two missiles flew to an altitude of 550 km and covered a range of 250 km. Although no damages have been reported, the testing of the two missiles is set to heat up the region.

First Time after World War 2, Japan Ups Defence Budget to Record Levels

North Korea moving ahead with weaponization

North Korea’s thirst for the weapons of mass destruction is never ending. In fact, this year the dictatorial regime of the country has conducted an unprecedented number of missile tests to threaten not just eth regional balance but unsettle national securities of Japan and South Korea.

At UNSC, India condemns North Korea's ballistic missile launch At UNSC, India condemns North Korea’s ballistic missile launch

Earlier this year, North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile or ICBM to threaten the US. The missile could reach the US mainland and cause havoc in all major cities of the nation. Nevertheless, North Korea has been carrying out the augmentation of missile technology even when its economy is bleeding under international bans and sanctions.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has long been trying to build defence capabilities that undermine South Korea and Japan’s national security. The latest missile launches are being considered an arm twisting tactic which may heat up the regional affairs.

Japan to spend 2% of GDP on defence by 2027

Japan under threat has already started upping its defence budget. Japan has though been assured by the US, has increased its defence budget and not depend a lot on the US. Earlier this week, the government of Japan prepared the biggest military build-up since WW2. The country has brought in a $320-billion plan to buy missiles to defend itself against the threats from China and North Korea.

Japan: Countering China and North KoreaJapan: Countering China and North Korea

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida admits that the hike in the Japanese defence budget is required given the threat perception. He even promises to up the defence budget and take it up to 2% of GDP by 2027. Kishida has been quoted saying, “Unfortunately in the vicinity of our country, there are countries carrying out activities such as enhancement of nuclear capability, a rapid military build-up and unilateral attempt to change the status quo by force.”

Story first published: Thursday, December 22, 2022, 9:45 [IST]

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